Forget Perfection, Try Reflection

Mary Funari, MBA, PCI Certified Parent Coach®

Have you ever met a perfect parent? I haven’t and believe it’s an impossible goal. Even if things are going smoothly in your parenting right now, wait a bit and see how things change with time. Children change and grow every day, and what works now may not be effective when your child enters a new stage of development. Also, each child has a unique learning style and personality which adds complexity to the job of parenting. Surely, what works with one child does not necessarily work with another child. My hope is to give us all a reality check and acknowledge that parenting is hard work. Parents need to learn and grow on the journey. This takes determination and an openness to change when the situation demands it. Aiming for perfection in your parenting is a trap. Better to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses and flexible in your approach. I believe the key to being self-aware is taking time for reflection. Try reflecting on the type of parent you are today and the type of parent you would like to be tomorrow. We all have moments we wish we could erase or replay differently. What would happen if we owned up to our mistakes and expressed how we would have liked things to go? Reflection leads to clarity and clarity leads to possibility. Look for the opportunity to grow from your experience. Tomorrow is a new day for you and your child.

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Mary will be hosting the following upcoming events:  

Women to Women Connection
Saturday, March 7th from 2-4 PM with Arlyce Anderson and Mary Funari

We, as working women, hold together and balance so much while providing for our loved ones.  Here’s an opportunity to focus on you and connect with other women who can related to your work/life challenges.  Professional Life Coach, Arlyce Anderson and Certified Parent Coach, Mary Funari, will lead us on a journey of self-discovery to uncover our unique gifts, purpose, passion, and vision.  With clarity on what you truly desire in your life comes renewed energy and inspiration to make it happen.  Learn how we – as women – can support each other in taking the next steps towards a more fulfilling and balanced life.  Register online at; $35 fee; for more information, call or text Mary 973-477-5439

Authentic Parenting
Wednesday, April 15th from 7-8:30 PM with Mary Funari

An introductory workshop for moms and dads interested in parenting with greater authenticity.  With so many parenting methods available and your own childhood experiences, it can be daunting to find an approach that works for your unique style, values and priorities.  PCI Certified Parent Coach®, Mary Funari, will facilitate discussion and lead interactive exercises to guide you in stepping into your role as parent with greater self-awareness, confidence and clarity about what matters most to you in raising your child or children.