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Investing in ‘functional medicine’ to cure disease, not soothe symptoms, for patients Jody Berger

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Scientific Research

Exercise Training Improves Functional Status in Patients with Peripheral Arterial Disease PhD Judith G. Regensteiner , MD, MPH John F. Steiner ,MD William R. Hiatt

Green Tea: Potential Health Benefits Craig Schneider, MD, Tiffany Segre, MD

Therapeutic Benefits of Tai Chi Exercise: Research Review Alice M. Kuramoto, PHD, RN, BC, FAAN

Patient Education Integrated with Acupuncture for Relief of Cancer-Related Fatigue Randomized Controlled Feasibility Study Michael F Johnston, Ron D Hays, Saskia K Subramanian, Robert M Elashoff, Eleanor K Axe, Jie-Jia Li, Irene Kim, Roberto B Vargas, Jihey Lee, LuGe Yang and Ka-Kit Hui

Integrated Medical Care for Patients With Serious Psychiatric Illness Benjamin G. Druss, MD, MPH; Robert M. Rohrbaugh, MD; Carolyn M. Levinson, MPH