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Scientific Research

Midpregnancy Cordoncentesis Training of Maternal-Fetal Medicine Fellows F. Tongprasert, K. Srisupundit, S. Luewan, P. Phadungkiatwattana, S. Pranpanus, T. Tongsong

Cell-Free Fetal DNA: The New Tool in Fetal Medicine T. R. Everett, L. S. Chitty

Maternal and Newborn Vitamin D Status and its Impact on Food Allergy Development in the German LINA Cohort Study K. Weisse, S. Winkler, F. Hirche, G. Herberth, D. Hinz,M. Bauer, S. Röder, U. Rolle-Kampczyk, M. von Bergen, S. Olek, U. Sack, T. Richter, U. Diez, M. Borte, G. I. Stangl

OP17.11: The Impact of Maternal Obesity on a Maternal Fetal-Medicine Office L.A. Amicone, T. Tressler,C. Taboada,F. Martinez,Y. Wert

Maternal Diet During Pregnancy in Relation to Eczema and Allergic Sensitization in the Offspring at 2 years of age 1,2,3 Stefanie Sausenthaler, Sibylle Koletzko, Beate Schaaf, Irina Lehmann, Michael Borte, Olf Herbarth, Andrea von Berg, H-Erich Wichmann, Joachim Heinrich, and for the LISA Study Group