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French Osteopathic Manipulations
Work 292 Bloomfield Avenue, 2nd Flr Montclair NJ 07042
Work Phone: 973-567-3501

Miss Ghazi Dahan studied in France at the Institut Supérieur d’Ostéopathie – Paris Est (Higher Institute of Osteopathy – East Paris) where she finished a six-year Diplôme d’Ostéopathie (DO). In her diploma she studied the depth of osteopathic techniques, which work on the body’s natural ability to fight pain and functional diseases. She studied cranosacrial, visceral, musculo-skeletal, fascia and neural manipulations. She treats several types of pain holistically through these manipulations without any need for drugs or chemicals. The osteopathic approach finds the origins of the pain within the body systems rather than treating the symptoms.

While in the United States, Miss Ghazi perfected her cranio-sacral knowledge with training at the Upledger Institute. Miss Ghazi Dahan worked as an independent osteopath for 4 years in Paris before moving to the United States. In her private practice she treated a diverse client base including babies, children, adults, and elderly. She was on several osteopathic teams that covered athletic and dance events. The events included musical comedies; marathons; basketball and squash tournaments; and Thai boxing championships. Miss Ghazi Dahan has also volunteered her time to apply her osteopathic techniques to alleviate the condition of autistic and trisomic children. Miss Ghazi Dahan advanced her studies with a degree from the Université Paris 7- Faculté de Médecine de Bichat (University of Paris 7 – Faculty of Medicine Bichat) in managing pain and discomfort during and after pregnancy. She worked with pregnant women to treat their back and sciatic pains, headaches and digestive disorders. She is an expert in the human anatomy which is fundamental for the osteopathic practice. She has a degree in clinical anatomy from Université Paris V- Faculté de Médecine René Descartes (University of Paris V – Faculty of Medicine René Descartes). She has taught anatomy and biomechanic classes at osteopathic schools for students and healthcare professionals.

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