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In our new world order of digital applications for seemingly everything; the growing potential for robotics in the hospital operating room; the out-of-the-country, out-sourcing of our communication systems – how wonderful it is that in the field of wellness and healing, we still come together face-to-face. We still share the joy of human contact and interaction. It is in this arena that the NJ Center for Healthy Living excels through the exceptional training and clinical experience of our associates.

Our offering of services to the local community continues to grow as new practitioners join us in our warm, welcoming, and well-loved environment in Montclair. Aside from their private onsite practices, several of our practitioners offer classes and workshops as part of our Institute programs in an outreach to share with the broader community vital health education, anecdotal stories, and scientific research in the fields of mental, physical, spiritual, and environmental and community health.