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Scientific Research

Nurse Coaching and Cartoon Distraction: An Effective and Practical Intervention to Reduce Child, Parent, and Nurse Distress During Immunizations Lindsey L. Cohen, Ronald L. Blount, and Georgia Panopoulos

A Systematic Review of the Psychological and Social Benefits of Participation in Sport for Children and Adolescents: Informing Development of a Conceptual Model of Health Through Sport Rochelle M Eime, Janet A Young, Jack T Harvey, Melanie J Charity,and Warren R Payne

A Randomized Controlled Trial of Parental Asthma Coaching to Improve Outcomes Among Urban Minority Children Kyle A. Nelson, MD, MPH; Gabriele R. Highstein, PhD; Jane Garbutt, MD

Collaborating with Parents in Reducing Children’s Challenging Behaviors: Linking Functional Assessment to Intervention Angel Fettig, Michaelene M. Ostrosky