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Scientific Research

Effects of Pilates Training on Lumbo-Pelvic Stability and Flexibility Sureeporn Phrompaet, Aatit Paungmali, Ubon Pirunsan, Patraporn Sitilertpisan

Effects of Pilates on Patients with Chronic Non- Specific Low Back Pain: A Systematic Review Hui-Ting Lin, Wei Ching- Hung, Jia-Ling Hung, Pei-Shan Wu, Li-Jin Liaw, Jia- Haw Chang

Effect of a 16 Week Pilates Exercise Program on the Ego Resiliency and Depression in Elderly Women Su Yeon Roh

Effects of 8 Weeks of Mat- Based Pilates Exercise on Gait in Chronic Stroke Patients SuYeon Roh, Ho Jong Gil, Sukhoon Yoon

Clinical Effectiveness of a Pilates Treatment for Forward Head Posture Sun- Myung Lee, Chang- Hyung Lee, David O Sullivan, Joo-Ha Jung, Jung-Jun Park